New Representation wizard

Publishing Alternate or Additional formats

“Additional files or Alternate formats” may be created during the normal publishing process. The additional files that are created vary based on the CAD Adapter.

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Publishing Components1

An Administrators Guide to ProductView/PTC Creo View Publishing by David Haigh@LLNL

David Haigh gave a brilliant presentation on “An Administrators Guide to ProductView Publishing” at PlanetPTC Live in 2011.  Although its been a couple years since he presented, the content of his presentation is still very applicable except for the change in the Product names and the availability of newer versions/releases of the products. ProductView is now PTC Creo View. Continue reading


Dedicated Worker and Publisher Queues by James Kerkstra and Jamie Lynn Momber@Steelcase

James and Jamie from Steelcase gave an awesome presentation on how to “Configure and Understand Dedicated Worker and Publisher Queues” at PTC Live Global 2013. For those that missed their presentation,  click here to download the presentation.  All the content of this blog post is posted with permission from James and Jamie. Thanks to you James and Jamie!

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Power of Positioning Assemblies by Bill Ryan@PACCAR

Bill Ryan gave a brilliant presentation on positioning assemblies at the PTC Live Global 2013 conference.  For those that missed his presentation, here it is.  All the content of this blog post is posted with permission from Bill Ryan. Thank you Bill! Its much appreciated!

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