Design Reviews – Solutions (Part II)

In a previous post (here ) Matt Sheridan discussed five common challenges customers face when performing design reviews. In this post he discusses how PTC helps companies overcome these common challenges

The five common design-review challenges:–

  1. Reviewing multi-CAD designs
  2. Working with 2D Drawings
  3. Comparing dataset
  4. Organizing and viewing  data types (Word, Excel, PDF)
  5. Integrating MCAD-ECAD information

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Publishing Multi-CAD assemblies with PTC Creo Unite

Well, I’m not discussing about that “Unite” here. This is about the Unite technology from PTC. 

PTC Creo View Adapter for PTC Creo Parametric starting with 3.0 M030 supports the publishing of PTC Creo Unite parts and assemblies.

What is PTC Creo Unite?

PTC Creo® with Unite technology provides users with breakthrough capabilities to improve productivity in multi-CAD environments. By allowing users to consolidate CAD systems and collaborate more effectively across systems, design teams will experience new efficiencies allowing them to improve product quality, desirability, and on-time deliverability. For more information, follow this link.

What are the caveats in publishing PTC Creo Unite based parts and assemblies?

See article CS188975 for information about the current caveats of PTC Creo Unite technology working with PTC Creo View and PTC WindchillPDMLink10.2


Applicability: PTC Creo View, PTC Creo Parametric

Featured Image credits – Wikimedia

Last Updated:  April 2015

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Design Reviews – Challenges and Solutions (Part I)

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