5 Things - Part 1

5 things about PTC Creo View 3.0 M020 release -Part I

PTC recently released Creo View 3.0 in May 2014 and here are the FIVE key updates/enhancements in this release. These are around Zoom, Compare, Measure, Edit and Touch. This is the first post in a series of posts that I plan to cover about What’s new in Creo View 3.0 M020. Stay tuned for my next post in this series…. Continue reading

Mininum distance

What’s the Minimum distance between these two?

Yes…. I meant the shortest path…Imagine two guys standing a few feet from the North Pole with the pole between them. Which is the shortest path between them? Walking straight over the pole or around it? or just import them into Creo View and use the Measure feature in Creo View.  Of course, I’m kidding about the last option! Continue reading

Markup palette in PTC Creo View

Did you know that Creo View has an enhanced Markup palette?

The Markup palette in PTC Creo View is different and enhanced from that in the old ProductView Standard. The pictures below showcase some of the available functionality. The Markup palette also includes the Measurements in Creo View.

Continue reading


Markups – How complex can they be?

OK… There are a bunch of formulas for calculating the cost from the Percentage Markup, Selling price, Cost of a manufactured product, Cost of a Service, etc. etc.  Well, I’m not talking about that Markup in this post. Thankfully, “Marking-up” a design is not complex! :-) Creating a Markup should be very easy and intuitive and that’s exactly how it is with PTC Creo View. Continue reading