Markups – How complex can they be?

OK… There are a bunch of formulas for calculating the cost from the Percentage Markup, Selling price, Cost of a manufactured product, Cost of a Service, etc. etc.  Well, I’m not talking about that Markup in this post. Thankfully, “Marking-up” a design is not complex! :-) Creating a Markup should be very easy and intuitive and that’s exactly how it is with PTC Creo View. Continue reading

Find Hidden Objects

Find Hidden Objects!

…Only the secret League can stop the Order by finding these hidden objects first!  That’s the game “Hidden Object: Mystery Estate”.  Well,  you are one of the selected few to take a grand tour of PTC Creo View’s ability to find hidden objects when others hide them… :-) Continue reading

Invisible Time

It’s one thing to hide an object, but making an entire event impossible to see?

Scientists demonstrate how they have have created a new invisibility technique that doesn’t just cloak an object– like in Harry Potter books and movies — but masks an entire event by briefly bending the speed of light around an event. Follow this link to continue reading… Pretty amazing, isn’t it? In this post, I’d like to discuss about the “one thing” in PTC Creo View – i.e. the ability to hide objects.

Continue reading