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An Administrators Guide to ProductView/PTC Creo View Publishing by David Haigh@LLNL

David Haigh gave a brilliant presentation on “An Administrators Guide to ProductView Publishing” at PlanetPTC Live in 2011.  Although its been a couple years since he presented, the content of his presentation is still very applicable except for the change in the Product names and the availability of newer versions/releases of the products. ProductView is now PTC Creo View. Continue reading

Recipe Editor Lesson #3 – Publishing Simp Reps

This post demonstrates HOW to or how NOT to publish Simplified Representations (Simp Reps) from PTC Creo Parametric (formerly known as Pro/ENGINEER) to PTC Creo View format.

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Recipe Editor Lesson #1 – Understanding the Interface

Recipe Editors, sometimes known as cookbook editors, combine their excellent writing skills with their love for cooking.   Well, You  guessed it right… I’m not talking about those Recipe Editors or the Salads but this post is about configuring a Recipe file to publish your CAD data into the Light weight Creo View file using PTC’s Creo View Recipe Editor.

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