I see Visualization driving everything…

“I see Visualization driving everything…” says Lance Lie from Raytheon who I had the opportunity to meet with at the recent PTC Live event in Boston.  Here’s an interesting perspective from Lance about Visualization technology, benefits of using the technology as well the future of Visualization.  Continue Reading….

Madhavi: What is your vision for Visualization Technology?

Lance:   I think Visualization should be the first place people go to look at the design. Whether it’s the Configuration Management or the Shop floor or to determine if the model has right properties, materials, correct weights, etc.

Madhavi:  How does Visualization Technology helps companies?

Lance:  I can see Visualization technology being used for Design Reviews throughout the Product Lifecycle and for Technical Publications. Companies can start creating manuals as the designers finalize their product.  No more taking pictures with a camera or waiting until the CAD part is released.

Also, by using Visualization technology, companies can make their workflow and everyday activity more efficient. Not utilizing the software the way it’s made decreases productivity. Technical publications could use Visualization software to increase their productivity up to 80% by using light weight viewables instead of the CAD software to review their data.

Madhavi:  With Mobile and Google glass being more and more pervasive, where do you see Visualization technologies going in 5 –10 years from now?

Lance: I see Visualization driving everything. This could be Seeing and Touching from the back of the cab to the hotel lobby monitors to almost everything, everywhere…

About Lance


Lance is an Information Technology Specailist at Raytheon. He has over 15 years of experience in CAD software, driving CAD standards, PLM and Visualization technologies. Served as leader of Raytheon Creo View standards, configuration, and implementation teams as well as the leader of Raytheon Creo Start Parts and Formats standards team.

Lance is also an avid surfer and is the founder of Velocity Surfing. Slingblade from Velocity Surfing is a hands free carrying device for Surfboard and Paddle boards that focuses on saving your strength so you enjoy time surfing instead of your arms being tired before you even get started.