Do not to attempt to treat your ECAD users like MCAD users…

Do not to attempt to treat your ECAD users like MCAD users. They have much different needs and views of PLM in general says Mark Caradonna, Product Manager for PTC Creo View ECAD solutions who I had to opportunity to chat with and capture his observations of the PTC Live 2014 event held recently in Boston. PTC Live is PTC’s event for product development professionals using PTC solutions.

Mark discusses trends in ECAD space and highlights of the  recent PTC Creo View release.

Madhavi: What are your observations of PTC Live 2014? 

photoMark: The big thing for me at this conference was the significant increase in ECAD related content at the event from what we have seen in the past years. ECAD was all over the place.  There were a number of sessions around the ECAD topic which included ECAD-MCAD collaboration, PTC Windchill Workgroup Manager for ECAD, including a wonderful presentation by iRobot showing how they have successfully deployed the PTC Windchill Workgroup Manager for ECAD for their users of Altium. It was pretty uplifting to see how well iRobot are doing with it.

The biggest takeaway from the presentation was their advice on bringing an ECAD group into PLM. There were two more customer presentations on ECAD-MCAD Collaboration from John Hopkins and another from Ericsson at the event.   It’s exciting for me to see this much this excitement from customers wanting to present about ECAD at PTC Live.  

BTW, these presentations can be downloaded from PTC Live Global portal here using the following identifiers – iRobot presentation -Cust230, Ericsson- Cust132 and John Hopkins University- Cust324. My last word – The ECAD users that missed PTC Live this year should considering attending PTC Live next year as they will be impressed with the stories from other customers…..

Madhavi:  Can you tell me more about the recent excitement around Cadence and PTC Windchill?

7-9-2014 10-42-42 AM Mark:  The PTC Windchill Workgroup Manager for Cadence Team Design Option  allows the engineer to stay inside of the Cadence User Interface while managing their design data. The users can see all of their block level hierarchical design data that they are assigned to in their schematic and that TDO view is essentially their workgroup manager.  This means they can directly checkin and checkout at the block level into PTC Windchill allowing for concurrent schematic design.

I’d say that ECAD is years behind MCAD in the way they manage their data.  The birth of PLM kind of came from the Mechanical side and the ECAD guys were a separate group who have been managing their data on shared file systems or on their local disks.

With our latest releases, I think we are positioned to get a lot more  ECAD users store their data in PTC Windchill and reap the benefits of properly version controlled data, automatic viewable generation and automatic generation of Bills of Materials.

A Viewer (Visualization software) is only as good as the viewables that are generated to use with it. With the recent enhancements in ECAD data management we have made it easier for customers to generate these viewable files and deliver them to the extended enterprise for efficient design reviews with the PTC Creo View ECAD product.

Madhavi: To wrap up, your thoughts…14452909283_74b7a992ce_z

Mark:   I thought getting the Touch Screen on the show floor for customers to play with was pretty cool. As far as the booths go in the PTC area, I have to say that PTC Creo View was by far was the most interactive section of the show floor. We had the glasses, touch screens and the Touch table on the show floor.

I hope customers appreciate us bringing all the Visualization devices for them to “touch” and “feel” and “experience”. Our goal is to get customers thinking about how they can put these devices into production within their engineering groups and on the Manufacturing shop floor.  

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Mark Caradonna is manager, product management, at PTC.  In his current position, Mr. Caradonna is responsible for overseeing the following ECAD related products within the Global Product Development Solution: PTC Creo View ECAD, PTC Creo View Interface for ECAD, PTC Creo View ECAD Compare/Validate, PTC Windchill Workgroup Managers for ECAD, ECAD Library Gateways, and ECAD/MCAD collaboration processes.