Willing to pay $999.99 for tuning app?

Willing to pay $999.99 for tuning app?

By Preeti Gupta, Novartis

No, I’m not talking about music, tuning, or the Reyburn CyberTuner tuning software tool on the appstore here. This post is all about tuning Oracle for PTC Windchill and this should be music to the ears of Windchill Administrators… Beside, you get to keep $999.99 and take away these FREE tips to improve Windchill performance. Sounds good?

Well, in my last post here, I covered the need and the key considerations for tuning PTC Windchill and as well as the databases before going into production.

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Periodic tables, Cocktails and Performance

Periodic tables, Cocktails and Performance

No!! In this post, we are not talking either about cocktails or periodic tables but certainly about performance. And, specifically about improving Windchill performance by fine tuning the tables.

In my previous blog here, I wrote about adjusting Oracle parameters for improving performance in the Windchill context. That’s the bare minimum one could do with limited time and knowledge about databases.

Here comes the fun and advanced stuff about fine tuning Oracle for improved performance.Note that the following Oracle recommendations must be executed only by an experienced DBA.  Caution: Although Windchill administrators may be very interested in tracking the health of Windchill database it’s highly recommend that you consult a DBA to perform the below steps.

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PLM roles and perspectives – An interview with Preeti Gupta, Novartis

I had the opportunity to talk to Preeti Gupta, Sr Engineer at Alcon Labs about her experiences as a PLM consultant and as a PLM Administrator and how each of those roles and responsibilities differ.  She makes some interesting points about each of those roles from her experience  Read More 

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How does 85% gain in performance sound to you? Music to your ears?

We are not discussing about performances, sticks, bows in the world of music. This is a guest from Preeti Gupta at Novartis and  she shares about some aspects of Windchill performance tuning. This is first post in a series on this topic…

In this blog post, I, Preeti would like to cover some of my experiences in fine-tuning Enterprise applications. Over the last 12 years, I have had the opportunity to tune PTC Windchill application and databases. The PLM user base ranged from 400 users to 1100+ users.

Heard this before? “Oracle is running just fine, it’s an issue with Windchill…”

I remember vividly when Alcon first went live with Windchill 8.0 (Migrated from Intralink 3.4 back in 2007). We spent more than a month trying to tune all Windchill application components, Apache, Tomcat and Windchill application server. We tried to tune every aspect of client and application tier but left  Oracle tuning thinking that the DBAs would take care of it! But that’s not the case everywhere, they used to give me an answer which was kind of black box to me “Yes Oracle is running just fine, it is an issue with Windchill”. That’s it. Now what?  Read More

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