Design Reviews – Solutions (Part II)

In a previous post (here ) Matt Sheridan discussed five common challenges customers face when performing design reviews. In this post he discusses how PTC helps companies overcome these common challenges

The five common design-review challenges:–

  1. Reviewing multi-CAD designs
  2. Working with 2D Drawings
  3. Comparing dataset
  4. Organizing and viewing  data types (Word, Excel, PDF)
  5. Integrating MCAD-ECAD information

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Design Reviews – Challenges and Solutions (Part I)

Did you just get out of a Design Review meeting? If not, when’s your next Design Review meeting? Almost each one of us have been involved in a Design Review meeting on a regular basis. OK, Design Reviews may go by different by names such as technical reviews, milestone reviews, value engineering reviews, code reviews, etc.  Whatever, you call it… Continue reading


Model Based Enterprise – Challenges and Considerations (Part I)

In my previous post “Why bother replacing 2D Drawings with 3D Models?” I outlined the need to replace 2D Drawings. In this post, I’d like to discuss the challenges and considerations for adopting a Model Based Enterprise approach. Continue reading on creo.ptc.com Continue reading

5 Things - Part 1

5 things about PTC Creo View 3.0 M020 release -Part I

PTC recently released Creo View 3.0 in May 2014 and here are the FIVE key updates/enhancements in this release. These are around Zoom, Compare, Measure, Edit and Touch. This is the first post in a series of posts that I plan to cover about What’s new in Creo View 3.0 M020. Stay tuned for my next post in this series…. Continue reading

2D Drawings

Why bother Replacing 2D Drawings with 3D Models?

Yes, why would you want to replace 2D drawings? Clearly, 2D Drawings have their own advantages. But there are disadvantages to 2D Drawings. Let’s consider a couple of scenarios. Continue reading on the PTC Creo blog. Note, this link takes you to the PTC Creo blog at creo,ptc.com Continue reading

Greenland Ice sheet

Ice sheet, Multi sheet drawing, what about them?

The featured picture shows Edge of the Greenland Ice Sheet near Kangerlussuaq on the west coast. For more information about ice sheets, click here.

Ice sheet, Multi sheet drawings, what about them? Well, the only thing common about them is the word”Sheet”. And, in this post I’d  like to cover about Multi sheet drawings in PTC Creo View.  Read on for more information. Continue reading