5 Things - Part 1

5 things about PTC Creo View 3.0 M020 release -Part I

PTC recently released Creo View 3.0 in May 2014 and here are the FIVE key updates/enhancements in this release. These are around Zoom, Compare, Measure, Edit and Touch. This is the first post in a series of posts that I plan to cover about What’s new in Creo View 3.0 M020. Stay tuned for my next post in this series….

1.  Diameter/radius measurements in 2D section view

Now you can measure on the 2D sectional view. The measurement is approximate and is dependent on the tessellation quality which is determined by the parameters used at the publish time.measurement
















2. Compare Drawings in Raster format

When using the Compare feature with Drawings, you can now compare drawings published in raster formats such as TIFF, BMP in addition to comparing vector drawings. Note that alignment of the drawings is not available as well not comparing scanned drawings is not recommended.


3.  Zoom on selected markups

Select one or more markups and click “Zoom Selected” to zoom into that area.
Markups14. Edit individual face colors

On the “Home” tab, click Color to edit the color of individual surfaces on a 3D model.  These changes can be saved in an Annotation Set.

Face color















5. Support for Touch Enabled monitors on Windows 

Creo View now supports touch-enabled input devices on Windows platforms. This includes touch-enabled monitors, tablet PCs.  You can interact with Creo View by using touch gestures to navigate through data, pan, zoom, rotate, select, etc. This is applicable to 3D Models, 2D Drawings and  ECAD datasets and is supported in all editions of Creo View – Express, Lite, MCAD and ECAD. Check out the demo here

Touch Enabled



Applicability:  PTC Creo View Clients

Last Updated:  Aug 2014

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