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Steven LaPha from NASA KSC- ESC and Frank Gaydos from NASA KSC-IMCS gave a brilliant presentation on “How”, “What” and “Where” of Recipe files and the publishing of CAD documents at the recent PTC Live event 2014 in Boston. For those that missed their presentations, please see the slides below.

This blog post has been posted with permission from Steven LaPha. Thank you Steven for sharing this information with us!



Recipe3 Recipe4 Recipe5 Recipe6 Recipe7 Recipe8 Recipe9 Recipe10 Recipe11 Recipe12 Recipe13

Recipe14 Recipe15 Recipe16 Recipe17 Recipe18 Recipe19 Recipe20 Recipe21 Recipe22 Recipe23 Recipe24 Recipe25 Recipe26 Recipe27 Recipe28








Last Updated:  July 2014

Featured Image Credits :  Thanks to Steven LaPha@NASA

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