Publishing – Worth the headache?

“Publishing is a onetime headache but pays off in the long run. It’s just happiness there after…” according to Sudheer Gundluri from  Flowserve India Controls Pvt. Ltd who I had the opportunity to speak with recently.

Here’s an interesting perspective from him about Visualization technology and Publishing of viewables and why it’s worth setting up the publishing process. Continue Reading…

Madhavi:  How does Visualization Technology helps companies?

Sudheer: Visualization technology helps users visualize the design without the need for a CAD application. Once the data is published, the user can not only “see” the model but also section and markup.  Creo View is a handy tool for any organization to help reduce the costs by not having to acquire CAD licenses for just seeing and marking up of the designs. In my experience, the sales and marketing teams use visualization files to demo the product. Also, in a multi CAD environment, the designers are able to communicate effectively by using a neutral format such as Creo View to brainstorm on the design issues.  The publishing rules allow additional formats such as PVZ, STEP or IGES to be generated.  Designers use this to investigate issues and explore the design. The last use case is around the markups in Creo View. In the traditional, old fashioned way of doing things, one would print, markup, scan the drawing to attach to a Windchill change request. With Creo View, the markups can be directly added to the Drawing and should any changes occur, these markups can be updated and added to a Windchill Change request. It’s convenient and the information is always up to date.

Madhavi: What’s the first step? Where should one start?

Sudheer: “Publishing is a onetime headache but pays off in the long run”. In order to exploit Creo View to its fullest extent, I’d recommend companies to first look into setting up the publishing. By publishing, I mean the generation of Creo View files on the Windchill server. Setting up the publishing process the very first time takes time and effort but I like said it’s a onetime headache. Start with “what” your visualization needs are and go from there….

Madhavi:  What are companies missing by not using Visualization technology?

Sudheer:  I’d say if you have invested in Windchill, Creo View comes with it. So use it.  I think workflow and Visualization are core aspects of Windchill. Visualization technology is as important as the workflow to ensure that all the data in Windchill is used to the fullest extent. Consider the case when publishing is not setup in Windchill. Each time the user needs to view a CAD model or drawing, they will need to open the data in the CAD system.  With publishing in place, CAD data can be instantly viewed in Creo View. Simply put “Enjoy the technologies (Windchill and Creo View) that you have already invested in”

Madhavi: With Mobile and Google glass being more and more pervasive, where do you see Visualization technologies going?

Sudheer: With smart technologies becoming very popular, I expect Visualization technologies to move with it. I can see people using their smart phones to carry out many of the routine tasks such as visualizing the designs before approving tasks.

Madhavi: What is your one takeaway from PTC Live?14424216656_1ae6f2141d_m

Sudheer: This is was my first time at PTC Live in Boston. My biggest takeaway from the event was the opportunity to meet with many of the Subject Matter Experts including you (Madhavi Ramesh). It was a great forum to share knowledge about PTC products as well as discuss our successes and issues in deploying the products.Thanks to you, I was able to get immediate answers to some of our burning issues around publishing and Creo View.  


About Sudheer Gundluri

imageSudheer is a Mechanical Engineer, currently working as Windchill PLM Consultant at Flowserve India Controls Pvt. Ltd.  He has over 8 years of experience in the PLM domain working on multiple aspects of PTC technologies including Windchill and Creo View.

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