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Meditation tip – In your mind’s browser, clear the cache…

Wondering what has meditation got to do with this post? Well, this blog is all about tips and tricks and here’s a tip for improving your performance by caching viewable files (PTC Creo View files) when working with PTC Windchill. 

PTC Creo View 2.0, when working with Windchill provides a local cache for .ol (geometry) files, providing significant improvements in load time for subsequent re-use of the files.  This applies to both the Visualization Tab and Creo View. 

 Some of the key aspects of this capability are 

  • Caches similar OL geometry files from all contexts
  • Subsequent loads of same OL files at “near local disk speeds”
  • Works with PTC Creo View & embedded Visualization tab
  • Complements the use of positioning assemblies
  • This is a pure client solution hence is independent of PTC Windchill version (i.e. compatible with Windchill 9.1)

When you use Creo View in conjunction with Windchill, you can set a location and a size limit for the file cache.  Clear the file cache periodically. Turn off file caching in cases of limited disk space or when you use Creo View as a standalone client.

Caching UI1Caching UI2










To create file cache, select Enable File Cache as shown in the picture above.

To set the location for the file cache, browse to the desired location and set it. By default, the cache file is located in your %APPDATA%\ptc\CreoView subfolder

Choose the size of the cache file as selecting the desired Cache size.


Featured Image Credit: and Nitrosac & Snaggy

Last updated: Feb2014

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