This is a representation of what?

It’s the representation of the evolution of the universe over 13.77 billion years. The far left depicts the earliest moment we can now probe, when a period of “inflation” produced a burst of exponential growth in the universe. Click here to continue reading more about this.  Well, that’s that… but this article is about the “Representation” in PTC Windchill.

Representation in Windchill, What is it?

Visualization data is stored as Representations in Windchill.

  • It is a “snapshot” of the published data of assemblies or parts. As a result of publishing, a Representation for the object is created.
  • A “representation” is a Windchill object type (“DerivedImage”) for storing viewable data against a WTPart, EPMDocument or WTDocument

To visualize the design in PTC Creo View, the model must be published. Publishing is the mechanism by which a viewable or Creo View file is created.

  • Representations contain files that Creo View uses for viewing – for example, .pvz, .pvs, etc.
  • Representations are associated to Representable objects (WTPart, WTDocument, EPMDocument and MPMLink objects)
  • A single part or CAD document may have multiple representations for different configurations of an assembly.  For example – an assembly with different Config Spec’s
  • Only one of the representations can be identified as the default representation. The default representation may have a thumbnail of the CAD document or Part.
  • Representations can have many markups.
    • Markups are created using Creo View Lite or Creo View MCAD or Creo View ECAD and saved against the Representations in Windchill
    • Markups can be created for the data type that is supported by Creo View. For example 3D Models, 2D Drawings, Images, Documents, Illustrations, ECAD data
    • Markups hold Creo View annotation set information, including clash results and animations.
  • Dynamic Visualization is possible, even if a Representation does not exist for WTDocument content, WTPart structure, EPMDocument structure or PartList Structure,
  • A representation is often (not necessarily) a static snapshot.  The Representation encompasses Structure (.PVS), Geometry files (.OL), Markups, Annotation sets, Thumbnails.



NASA / WMAP Science Team

Last Updated: Jan 2014

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