WVS – What is it?

WVS as its commonly called stands for Windchill Visualization Services.  WVS is a core part of PTC Windchill  that interfaces between PTC Windchill and PTC Creo View (formerly called ProductView). In other words, WVS makes integrated Visualization in PTC Windchill possible.

Windchill Visualization Service –

1. Enables the process of Automatic Generation, Storage and Management of Viewable files (Creo View files) in the Windchill database.

2. Enables Automatic generation and display of 2D and 3D Thumbnails in Windchill

3. Provides the scalable multi-CAD publishing architecture, – i.e. Multiple CAD workers across multiple machines

4. Enables the Visualization of Light weight Viewable data in PTC Creo View. Typically, CAD data must be published before it can be viewed in Creo View. Basically WVS –

Provides an interface between Windchill Objects and the Visualization software

Manages the communications between PTC Creo View and Windchill

5. Manages the process of Interference Definition, Analysis and Tracking of Interferences in Windchill

6. Enables Batch Printing from PTC Windchill

7. Manages the Enterprise delivery of

  • Software
  • Configuration
  • Preferences
  • Markups and other Creo View data


For more information about this topic – i.e. Windchill Visualization Data model, Publishing data in Windchill, Thumbnails, etc. etc. stayed tuned for my future posts.


Featured Image Credit: NASA

Last updated: Jan 2014

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