Planet mars

Mind blowing artistic rendering of Mars

The outstanding digital rendering techniques of the Dutchman Kees Veenenbos have been featured in National Geographic and on NASA pages.  Click here to see more of these images.

So, why am I talking about Mars in this post? Because, this post is about a related topic – i.e. “Rendering” with PTC Creo View and I was reminded of the amazing Kees Veenenbos’s rendering while writing this post…

Render mode in PTC Creo View determines the appearance of the display. The following render modes are available in Creo View –

  • Shaded – Function Key – F9
  • Shaded with Edges – Function Key – F10
  • Hidden Line Removal – Function Key – F11
  • Wireframe – Function Key – F11
  • Mesh

Rendering options






1. Shaded Mode – 

Displays the design as a shaded solid as shown below

Shaded mode


2. Shaded with Edges 

Displays the design as a shaded solid with forward surfaces lines emphasized as shown below

Shaded with edges mode

3. Hidden Line Removal 

Displays only the forward surfaces frame lines as shown below
4. Wireframe
Displays front and back lines equally as shown below
Wireframe mode
5. Mesh
Displays the design as a mesh frame as shown below
mesh mode

Applicability: PTC Creo View MCAD, PTC Creo View Lite, PTC Creo View Express

Last Updated: Sep 2013

Image credit: Data: NASA/ Art: Kees Veenenbos,

So, what’s next?

Curious about PTC Creo View?  Download PTC Creo View Express here

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