Star Trek Enterprise In a Mirror Darkly Constitution class cross section

Slicing up the enterprise – Cutaway Models and Diagrams

Dragon Model’s Project Cutaway model has been released by Diamond Select Toys, as part of their Star Trek range-  It’s the TOS USS Enterprise, with transparent panels giving us a look inside saucer, neck, engineering section and a nacelle. That’s awesome! Something else is also awesome… and that is the cutaways or the sectioning feature in PTC Creo View.

Cross sectioning in PTC Creo View is a brilliant capability. It is very simple to use yet very powerful. Simply put, You will be blown away…  Just hit the “Sectioning” tab on the main menu and the Sectioning ribbon comes up with numerous ways to setup and control the section cut.

Sectioning in PTC Creo View1


Sectioning UI


Sectioning UI


 Creating a quarter cut is simple – just hit the “Quarter Cut” button on the ribbon

Quarter cut


Initial Section – Defining the direction of the section

Initial section

 Section 3 view

Accessing and Modifying Section cuts in PTC Creo View Section props

About Section Properties dialog

Section props explainedModifying the color of Section lines

Section color


Applicability: PTC Creo View Lite and PTC Creo View MCAD.  Note the Options dialog for modifying color of the section lines has slightly changed with PTC Creo View 3.0 F000 release (the last pic shown below is from the 3.0 F000 release)

Last Updated: Sep 2013

Image Credits: The Trek Collective

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