Thinking of Publishing? Relax…

No, I’m not talking about DTP here… I was reminded of this cartoon when I started writing this post since the cartoon uses the term “Publishing” as well.

This post is about Publishing Viewable files.  Publishing is the mechanism by which a Viewable file is created on the Windchill Server or outside of Windchill.

Why Publish?

To visualize a design in PTC Creo View, the model must be published. For example, the design below was created in a CAD System but is now visualized in PTC Creo View using the light weight Viewable file or Creo View file.  Note:  Viewable files are basically Creo View files or files that can be visualized by PTC Creo View.

Data in Creo View

Publishing of Viewable files on the Windchill server can be done in one of the following ways –

  • Automated Publishing
  • Scheduled Publishing
  • Interactive Publishing

1. Automated publishing

Windchill server is configured so that publishing takes place automatically when the CAD documents or Parts are checked into the Windchill.

Publishing1 Publishing2

2. Scheduled publishing

Viewable files can be generated on the Windchill server at specific times as desired by the user. Scheduled jobs runs at set times and/or frequencies.


Scheduled jobs1

3. Interactive Publishing

Viewable files are generated on demand. For example, when a user selects a component to view, publishing job is submitted.

The output of a publishing job is the creation of a Representation. The Representation stores Creo View files for that design.



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