Choosing your background color? You could get some inspiration from Crayola Cliffs

OK, what next? Well, try using your favorite color as the background color in PTC Creo View. It is as simple as selecting the desired color from the color palette.

Background color can be changed at 2 levels

1. Active View

Applies to the Active View

2. Defaults

Applies the default values to future views.


Active View

Follow the steps below to change background color for the Active View –

Step 1:   On the “Home” Ribbon, in the “Display” group, select the “Arrow” symbol/icon  as shown belowbkgrnd1Step 2:  A dialog pops up as shown below. Choose the desired background color.  You may update all the “open” views with the chosen background color and/or update the default settings as well.


Option 2 : Updating the default background color

To update the default background color, follow the steps below

Step 1: Go to File->Options

bkgrnd3Step 2:  Select the desired color as shown below.  You may choose “Apply to Views” at the bottom of the dialog to update current views.


Applicability: PTC Creo View MCAD, PTC Creo View Lite, PTC Creo View Express

Last Updated: Aug 2013

Image Credit: Xinhua/Landov/Barcroft Media

More info about Crayola Cliffs – http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2380465/Danxia-mountains-China-captured-glorious-evening-light.html

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