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Are User Interfaces only intuitive to those design it?

It depends! In the case of PTC Creo View, the user experience is INTUITIVE, CLEAN and SIMPLE

Creo View User Interface is based on the Microsoft Office Fluent user interface to makes it easier for users to find and use the features within the software.

The following are the key components of the User Interface

1. Ribbon – primarily used for performing actions/commands

2. Primary Panel – primarily used to navigate the structure.

3. Upper Data Panel – Provides information about Annotation content, Search Results, Groups, etc.

4. Graphics – primarily used for displaying and interacting with the viewable data- i.e. 3D Models, 2D Models, Documents, Images, PCB’s and Schematics.

5. Lower Data Panel Displays Attribute information, BOM, Messages, Logs, etc.

6. Status Bar – Displays key status information about the loaded data


Applicability: PTC Creo View Express, PTC Creo View Lite, PTC Creo View MCAD

Last Updated: Jul 2013

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