Oh! What a View!!

Oh, What a View!

Creo View – One Technology, Infinite Clarity

“View” in Creo View is the graphics area where the viewable is displayed.  This post discusses opening and closing multiple views in Creo View and the various ways that can be done.


Opening multiple views in PTC Creo View is easy

Up to 12 views can be displayed in PTC Creo View.  Thumbnails of the open views appear on the Home tab of the ribbon in the Views group.

Opening multiple views

Closing multiple Views in Creo View is simple

Option 1: Select each “View” and close it


Option 2: Go to “Home Tab” -> “Close All Views”


option 3: Use CTRL + F4 on the current viewClosing views

Applicability: PTC Creo View Express, PTC Creo View MCAD, PTC Creo View ECAD, PTC Creo View Lite

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